Documentary Wedding Photographer

photojournalistic wedding photographer Documentary Wedding Photographer

So why a documentary wedding photographer? documentary photography, photojournalism, or reportage photography all literally mean the same thing – Creating an account of the day as it naturally unfolds. With this style of photography atmosphere, emotion and the story of the day can be captured without any direction from me.

In contrast portraits and group shots are captured through direction. Taking inspiration from leading trends in the industry I’ve incorporated creativity in to my directed shots and portraits that I believe traditional staged photography otherwise lacks. But don’t worry there wont be any annoying cheesy poses coming from me! My philosophy is to keep things simple but stylish. This means no cringe worthy wedding photographs in years to come :)

My approach is all about giving you the most amazing pictures in a relaxed and unobtrusive way.  I always ensure I get to know all about each and every bride and groom every step of the way – recognising what brides and grooms want from their wedding photography is so important!

I begin the planning with you right from the initial consultation up until the wedding day itself. Each wedding is discussed thoroughly in advance and from this we will make a plan for the photography together. I also give you the opportunity to  meet me at their wedding venue to talk about ideas and locations for their wedding photography. On the big day itself this means that there is little interruption and disturbance from me. Along with limiting directed shots to short intervals throughout the day means I can get to document the story of your wedding as it unfolds.